Low Income Housing Sold

Clover Moore MP has again called for a stop to sales of Housing NSW properties in Millers Point after residents revealed that low income boarding houses are now being sold.

"Residents report that Housing NSW is forcing boarding house residents to move so the department can sell their homes," Ms Moore said.

"Successive Ministers and senior Housing NSW officers have promised not to evict tenants or force them to relocate as a result of the Housing NSW sales program.

"These sales also contradict promises that only properties that are unliveable, unsuitable for tenancy, or too costly to repair would be sold," Ms Moore said.

"Residents report surprise visits from Housing NSW officers telling them they will be evicted so their home could be sold. They did not have the opportunity to have a representative present for discussions.

According to resident reports, Housing NSW officers claim that these boarding houses are "commercial" properties and not part of the housing stock. Properties at 20, 61 and 73 Lower Fort Street have already been sold.

"People are living in these homes now, and the properties should continue to be used to house people on the long waiting list for low income accommodation in the inner city.

According to residents, tenants in 63 and 67 Lower Fort Street and 71 and 73 Kent Street have been told they have to move so these boarding houses can be sold.

"I have written to the Housing NSW Chief Executive asking for an immediate stop to forced relocations and sale of boarding houses.

"Low income housing in the inner city is vital, and must be kept. I will take this matter with the new Minister for Housing after the election," Ms Moore concluded.

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