Making Fitzroy Gardens the perfect place to play

For parents of young children in villages with high urban density like Kings Cross, Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay, having access to great parks and playgrounds is essential.

When I first moved to Redfern, our local playground was a bleak patch of glass strewn concrete. I wanted a better place for my children to play. Creating a safe and inviting place for them was what motivated me to get involved in local government.

Since becoming Lord Mayor, I have overseen major park and playground redevelopments like Redfern Oval and Sydney Park. I have also been working to improve many of the smaller parks and playgrounds throughout our villages.

The playground at Fitzroy Gardens is in need of an upgrade. The well-used and much loved play equipment in this neighbourhood meeting place was installed in the 1990s.

The City wants to hear from parents in the area about their needs and their ideas for the playgrounds future.

Recently I met with a group of parents from the area who organiser Junior Jivers playgroup at the Wayside Chapel. They had some great ideas about how to make the space as good as possible for their children, and for children in generations to come.

We want to hear your great idea for the future of this playground.

Staff from the City of Sydney will be visiting local pre-schools, childcare centres and primary schools to hear from more parents. There will also be a City of Sydney stall at the Kings Cross Markets on May 5 and in the playground to get your feedback in the last two weeks of April (16 - 27 April).

If you have an ideas or suggestion for the future of Fitzroy Gardens playground you can also send it to

Once City staff have canvassed as many ideas and suggestions as possible, they will create detailed draft designs which will be put on exhibition for the community's review.

You can get more information and provide feedback at

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