Making it easier to find your way around the city

Finding your way as you walk or cycle around the city will be made easier with the City's new "wayfinding" system now being designed.

Choosing the best way to get to your destination will be made easy and intuitive with consistent signage, good urban design and route planning and mapping. In December, Council endorsed the design of a new wayfinding system for getting around the city by foot or bicycle. The system would include a range of tools such as signs and maps along with the possible use of the Internet, smart phones and other mobile devices.

This is part of the City's work to make walking and cycling around the city easy and attractive transport choices. It corresponds with our work to improve pedestrian and bicycle accessibility and create more cultural experiences and delightful encounters as you get around the city.

A design firm has been engaged to research successful wayfinding systems around the world and assess conditions in the city in consultation with tourism and retail agencies and State Government bodies.

The draft Wayfinding Strategy will be reported to council for public comment as well testing and trials of proposed elements.


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