Making Kings Cross safer

On Tuesday night, the City of Sydney held a workshop to discuss the future of Kings Cross and to look at solutions for making it a safer, more inclusive place at night.

I'd like to thank all the residents and business owners and representatives from the NSW Police, Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing and Department of Transport who braved the wretched weather to share their ideas.

I don't believe local residents and business owners have ever had so many decision makers together in the same room to discuss these issues.

I heard from many different people with lots of different opinions on the current state of Kings Cross and what can be done to improve it. Encouragingly, everyone in the room was willing to focus on solutions.

We have collected all the ideas, suggestions, solutions and other feedback from the workshop and asked for members of the local community to join a smaller working group to go through them and prioritise some for immediate action.

Within three weeks, this working group will meet with City staff and by October we will have a range of positive changes ready to implement.

Some issues raised last night need longer term solutions thonly the NSW Government can deliver.

Many residents asked for better public transport - including later running trains, buses and more taxis - to help crowds disperse.

The saturation of licensed venues was also a concern. At the moment, planning laws mean the City is unable to refuse a development application for new venues because of a high number of similar venues. In the past, the City's efforts to do just that have been overturned in the Land and Environment Court.

We'll continue lobbying the Government on these critical issues.

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