Making Oxford St a success year-round

Sydney showed off its rainbow pride as another world-famous Mardi Gras Parade wound its way along Oxford and Flinders Streets, with more than 100,000 people lining the Parade route.

I was proud to be one of 10,000 people participating in the parade alongside 108 floats. Sydney MP Alex Greenwich and I had a combined float and more than 50 supporters.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and especially to the Volunteer Working Group who worked so hard to make our group look so good.

The City of Sydney also had a fabulous float in this year's parade, with staff members, friends and local pop-princess Paulini singing and dancing their way up Oxford Street. The City has had a float in Mardi Gras every year since 2005.

This year's theme, 'Generations of Love', paid tribute to those people who have worked so hard over the years in the fight for equality. It was wonderful to see many of the original 1978ers taking part again this year.

Oxford Street is the home of Sydney's GLBT community. Visitors from around the world who come for Mardi Gras, as well as people from around Sydney, know that it is a welcoming and exciting place.

To make Oxford Street successful and support local businesses the City has invested in projects to attract visitors to the area.

Our affordable workspaces for creative start-ups build on the area's reputation for creativity and innovation. Galleries on street level have great exhibitions that are bringing people to the strip.

We are hosting a pop-up Mardi Gras Museum on the corner of Oxford and Palmer streets. Our Main Drag promotion worked with local businesses to show off the best in shopping, eating and drinking.

Reko Rennie's bold makeover of the former T2 building and Tim Knowles' WindLab installation have added a spark to Taylor Square.

The latest addition is our eye-catching rainbow crossing on Oxford Street. The splash of colour across the famous strip has caught the attention of thousands of people who have walked, rolled, danced and even cart-wheeled across it.

In less than one week a petition to keep the crossing in place has attracted nearly 7,000 signatures. If you think the rainbow crossing should stay - we need you to add your name!

RMS have said the rainbow crossing must be removed at the end of March, but we hope they will listen to the huge amount of public support and leave the rainbow crossing in place as a tribute to Sydneysiders' spirit of diversity and acceptance.

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