Making the poorest pay

The NSW Government will grab extra money from social housing tenants - money meant to compensate for increased costs under the carbon price.

The Commonwealth Clean Energy Supplement increases Government payments to low income earners to cover their higher living expenses under the carbon pricing scheme.

Housing NSW policy defines such payments as "non-assessable income," which means they are not used to assess rent, but the NSW Government has changed the formula so that this supplement counts for rent calculations from March 2013.

Whether the move is a cash grab or a political stunt to spark more unease about the carbon tax, it will impact on those most in need, defeating the purpose of the supplement payments. I have asked the Government to reconsider this decision, and have a petition for Parliament.

As low income earners, social housing tenants deserve the full benefit of the Commonwealth Clean Energy Supplement provided to offset increased living expenses. I encourage you to collect signatures to show the Government you oppose their plans.

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