Managing backpacker Vehicles

Some backpackers use public roads as car yards to sell their campervans before they return home.

Unlike community land, parks and beaches, rangers can't stop people from selling their cars on the street and, as long as drivers obey parking restrictions there's nothing Council can do. In the City, backpackers use Brougham and Victoria Streets in Potts Point to sell their vehicles, but the problem exists throughout NSW, particularly in coastal areas.

In Parliament I asked the Premier to make a simple amendment to the Local Government Act which would give Councils the ability to ban the sale of vehicles on a road. The City of Sydney previously had an Ordinance under the Local Government Act 1919 which enabled Council to ban the offering of vehicles for sale on Victoria Street, but lost this power when the Local Government Act was replaced in 1993.

I welcome backpackers to our City but their actions should not unfairly impact local residents and businesses. They should use normal commercial channels to sell their vehicles and the City is looking at ways to help them do this.

If the Government does not respond, I will introduce a Private Member's Bill.

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