Marginal renters needing protection

Renters not covered by a lease don't have rights like access to safe and secure premises. They can be evicted without notice or reason and must resolve disputes through the Supreme Court.

My Residential Tenancies Amendment (Occupancy Agreements) Bill would give such tenants basic protections like the right to written receipts or paying their fair share of utilities.

After I introduced my bill the Government developed its own draft bill for boarding house residents' rights and while I welcome much needed action in this neglected field I am disappointed this was used as an excuse in Parliament to block my bill.

The Government's draft bill only covers boarding house residents, leaving other marginal renters like lodgers, students in educational residences, persons in crisis accommodation and persons in shared houses not on the lease without protections.

The Government could have consulted on my bill since it was tabled in November, passed it now to ensure all marginal renters have rights while working on boarding house industry protections.

I welcomed comments from the Disability Services Minister showing his concern for all marginal renters and promises to consider their inclusion in the Government's bill.

Click HERE to read my speech in Parliament.

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