Marriage equality at Town Hall

On Friday, Sydney MP Alex Greenwich and I stood with Australian Marriage Equality (AME) on the steps of Town Hall to call for Australia to recognise equal marriage for all consenting adults, regardless of gender.

Community support for marriage equality has continued to increase, with more and more countries recognising it. However same-sex couples here in Australia continue to be denied equal treatment.

Every Australian who wants to make a life commitment to the person they love deserves to do so and have it equally recognised and supported by law. It's time our political leaders took action to right this wrong.

IMG_0587On the same day I also participated in the Equal Hearts Project by writing a message of support for marriage equality on the back of a pink origami heart. It will now take its place as part of an art installation for Mardi Gras, alongside hundreds of other paper hearts signed by others from all walks of life.

The City of Sydney has a strong record of recognising the contributions of its GLBTI communities and the rainbow flag - the international symbol of GLBTI culture - is currently flying over the Town Hall building to mark the 2014 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. It will continue to fly until after the festival finishes in March.

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