Meet Alex Greenwich

I know and love Sydney. I've lived here for over 20 years, alongside two generations of my family. I grew up in the city centre and I now own and run a small business owner here too. I am happily married to my husband Victor and I want to ensure Sydney has a safe and sustainable future.

I am committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney's unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; improving transport options; fairness and equality, and the humane treatment of animals.

I am very proud of my work taking on the major parties and moving the marriage equality campaign from impossible to inevitable. Many of you helped make this campaign a success. I've built strong working relationships with senior political leaders in all parties both federally across the various states, especially NSW.

The skills and experience I've gained as a business operator will be valuable additions if I'm elected to Parliament. I'll be challenging the old parties to embrace the new economy.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know many people across Sydney during the campaign for the City of Sydney election and tomorrow's by-election. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way, and especially to everyone who will be voting to keep Sydney independent.

- Alex

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