Millers Point Social Housing Meeting

(11am, Wednesday 31 July 2013, Abraham Mott Hall)

Good morning, everyone. Welcome to our meeting for the year. I'd like firstly to acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, the traditional custodians of our land, and to pay my respects to their Elders. I also acknowledge the people of 200 nations who live in our City.

I also welcome to our meeting Acting Superintendent Anthony Bell of The Rocks Police, Margaret Macrae, Acting Area Director of Housing NSW, Dominic Grenot, Social Housing Coordinator, City of Sydney and Ciara O'Riordan, Policy Officer.


The Harry Jensen Centre provides great services for the over 55s in Millers Point. These include subsidised meals, various social activities, and support, advocacy and assistance where people might need help with an issue. Our Over 55s team are also looking at the possibility of setting up a community garden at the Harry Jensen Centre, and they will be talking to you to get your feedback about this. For more information you can call the Harry Jensen Community Worker on 9244 3696, or Lisa Cheung on 9246 7823.


The City is continuing our push for the Barangaroo site to be integrated with the neighbouring communities of Millers Point, Dawes Point and Walsh Bay. We said we'd look at how the existing areas could be integrated through specific works to the public domain. This was explored in our Harbour Village North Public Domain Study which was based on extensive consultation with the communities involved. It included some proposals to better connect Millers Point with the headland park at Barangaroo. These have now been added to, and Council has budgeted $37 million for works over the next 10 years - the Headland Park Integrations Works to improve those connections, with up to $7.3 million for the park integration works.


The City is now writing a new Safe City Strategy to take us through to 2017. A Social Housing Wellbeing and Safety Action Plan will sit under this new strategy. We planning a series of consultations and surveys over the next few months, and Dom Grenot - our project manager for Social Housing and Safe City - can give you more information about this.


Our sixth annual Pet Day will be held on Saturday, September 28, from 11am until 3pm in Ward Park, Surry Hills. There will be transport provided to and from Millers Point, so all pet owners should put the date in their diary.


Following the split in Housing NSW between tenancy management and the ownership and maintenance of social housing properties, Housing NSW, the Land and Housing Corporation and the City have developed a new liaison and meeting framework which allows us to meet regularly to discuss operation and strategic planning issues. This is a positive step to forging better links between the City's work and planning and social housing management.

The Estate Advisory Board continues its valuable role as a meeting place for tenants to raise issues and get information about local planning and innovations. It's also a base for action and I encourage residents to talk to their local representatives about any local issues you might have.

Given the number of vacant properties in Millers Point, tenants are understandably worried and still uncertain about future announcements for further sales, including boarding house sales.

A Social Impact Assessment is being finalised by Housing NSW and the Land and Housing Corporation staff, and there has been extensive consultation in the lead-up to this. And there will be further opportunity for you to comment when the report is released.

Housing NSW areas are now aligned with health district. The Sussex Street office has also moved to the corner of Chalmers and Cleveland Streets in Redfern, along with other FACS departments. Housing staff here today can provide you with more information.



Visitor Parking Permits The Draft Neighbourhood Parking Policy proposes single-use 'scratchie' visitor permits. To use a 'scratchie' permit, the holder scratches out the date of use, and displays the permit in the windscreen.

The draft policy proposes that between 15 and 45 permits would be issued per household, depending on how many resident permits the household already has.

This will be a change for residents of Millers Point, who until now were one of the few groups that had access to one-year visitor permits.

Existing one-year visitor permits are vulnerable to sale, theft, and other misuse. In extreme cases, cars are broken into and permits stolen. It also makes the policy fairer for residents from other parts of the City, who unti;l now didn't have access to any kind of visitor permit.

One-year permits will gradually be replaced with one-day 'scratchie' permits. To minimise inconvenience for residents in Glebe, Pyrmont/Ultimo and Millers Point, existing permit holders will be able to use their all-year permit for a further two years.