Monorail purchase opens way for light rail integration

The State Government's decision to purchase Metro Transport Sydney is exactly the kind of step we've been waiting for from this Government - big, bold transport projects.

The purchase will help fully integrate the current light rail system into the expanded network now being planned.

Removing the ugly and intrusive monorail is also the right next step. Replacing it with efficient and effective light rail will improve transport access in central Sydney.

The City of Sydney has committed $180 million for public domain works in George Street if light rail proceeds and a section of George Street is pedestrianised.

Running light rail along George Street will drastically reduce traffic congestion, making it easier for bus passengers and pedestrians to get around the city.

Light rail can carry up to 8000 people an hour - a modern, low-floor tram will get more people across the city faster with low environmental impacts.

As a City Councillor in the 1980s, I joined many others in opposing the construction of the monorail. I believed then that light rail was the better option for linking Darling Harbour to the city centre. I'm pleased that many others are now reaching the same conclusion.

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