More Hard Line Graffiti Laws

I spoke against the Graffiti Legislation Amendment Bill, which will force all young offenders charged with graffiti into the courts.

Currently the Director of Public Prosecutions and police can warn an offender or divert them to a youth justice conference, which can involve talking to victims and cleaning up graffiti - often a productive way to make a child who already resents authority understand the seriousness of their crime.

A wide range of minor offences like having a spray-can in public will now end up in court, clogging the system. I hope that the new regime will not force legitimate young artists into the courts.

Graffiti is a serious crime that can make neighbourhoods look neglected and feel unsafe with councils diverting large resources to clean-up. However as I told Parliament, we need more opportunities for young people to be productive to prevent graffiti rather than unproven law and order tactics.


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