National Urban Policy

I welcomed the release this week of the Federal Government's National Urban Policy.

Cities play a crucial role in providing employment, lifestyle and educational opportunities for Australians and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The National Urban Policy demonstrates that cities are in a unique position to help Australia become more economically productive, liveable and sustainable.

Through good planning and urban renewal, which sees homes, employment and public transport planned together, not added as after thoughts, Governments can work together to improve the way existing cities work and to create new ones.

I also thanked Minister Albanese for acknowledging the work the City of Sydney has done in planning for the sustainable renewal of Green Square - Australia's largest urban renewal project, an $8 billion development which will deliver 20,000 new homes and 22,000 jobs.

I look forward to working with both the Federal and State Governments to deliver one of the most important urban renewal projects in the City and Australia.

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