New bike paths for Sydney

The City of Sydney and the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) have signed an agreement to construct new separated bike paths through the city centre.

Last year the NSW Government released the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy which detailed how public and private transport, including cars, buses, bikes and light rail, would co-exist in our CBD. The Access Strategy reflected the plans the City had already created, and it is very pleasing that we can now get on with construction.

Over the coming months RMS will begin work on Castlereagh Street, from Hay Street to King Street; Liverpool Street, from Day Street to Castlereagh Street; and Park Street, from Elizabeth Street to Castlereagh Street.

RMS aims to complete as much of this work as possible before construction for the light rail begins in April 2015.

These paths will help provide a safe, separated connection for people riding into and through our city centre. With more and more people choosing to ride, this kind of infrastructure is vitally important.

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