New homes for cultural, Aboriginal and community groups

On Monday, the Committee considered a report that recommended tenancies for three Council owned properties under the City's Accommodation Grants Program. If Monday's Council meeting agrees to the unanimous recommendation of its Cultural and Community Services Committee, cultural, Aboriginal and community groups will soon have new homes.

The properties include 107 Redfern Street, Redfern, a two storey warehouse that the City purchased in 2006 for long term community use. Under the proposal, three groups would occupythe ground floor until April 2013:

  • 107 Projects Inc, an artist's cooperative that has been operating since 2001. It would provideartists' studios and associated cultural activities, such as film nights, poetry readings and exhibitions.
  • PLACE - Partners in Learning and Community Enterprise would establish a centre providingpathways to education and employment for local disadvantaged communities. With TAFE Outreach, PLACE works with homeless people and people at risk of homelessness, people withdisabilities or a mental illness and youth at risk. Forty per cent of people taking part in PLACE'sexisting programs come from the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.
  • The Tribal Warrior Association, established by Aboriginal people to promote Aboriginal cultureand provide practical employment skills and other assistance, will use an office in the building torun mentoring program with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Rinse Out Inc, a local arts organisation responsible for the Underbelly arts festival is the recommended tenant for the community room and basement space at 70b William Street,Woolloomooloo. The community room, with its stone wall and tunnel and is of considerable heritage significance. If Council approves the tenancy, the room will be open to the public at least twice a year.

The office space at Waterloo Town Hall will be occupied by the Asylum Seekers Centre of NSW,if Council adopts the Cultural and Community Services Committee recommendation. The AsylumSeekers Centre proposes to use the space to expand its casework and employment assistanceprogram.


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