New Laws to Help Curb Violence

The Government's Liquor Amendment (3 Strikes) Bill (No. 2) creates a system where serious offences like supplying alcohol to drunk patrons or minors or permitting assaults, can result in a strike - three of which can lead to a 12-month suspension or cancellation of a venue's licence.

Unlike the original bill introduced in June, a strike can now only be incurred if there is a conviction for an offence. This new approach is fair with licensees able to appeal a third strike, and the Director General of the Department of Trade and Investment or the Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority having discretion to impose conditions instead of a second or third strike.

I told Parliament the system would complement the City of Sydney's proposed late trading permit system, which successfully operates in Paris, Amsterdam and New York, and requires venues trading late at night to periodically reapply for this privilege. I again asserted the case for late night transport and powers to manage the concentration and saturation of late trading venues in specific areas.

Well-managed venues are welcome but unscrupulous, irresponsible operators should be held accountable. In Parliament I supported these new laws which will help curb violence and antisocial behaviour.


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