New lights mean safer, brighter streets for walkers

Walking is the perfect form of transport for short trips in Sydney. It's fantastic for our health, cuts congestion on our roads, is better for the environment and takes people to the doorsteps of local businesses.

That's why we're creating an extended network of energy efficient lights to brighten footpaths in the City. Our aim is to create a pedestrian-friendly environment for the entire city where walking is easy, convenient, safe and interesting.

Under the City's Pedestrian Lighting Improvement Plan, footpath lighting will be attached to existing Ausgrid poles below tree canopy level and directed towards paths instead of roads. The upgrade will better light the way for walkers early in the morning and after dark, enhancing safety, while minimising obtrusive light to adjacent houses.

It's a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution to create a safer and more connected city where people are encouraged to walk more often.

Energy efficient, low emission LED lights have been installed in Fitzroy and Arthur Streets in Surry Hills to trial the program. The two Surry Hills locations were selected by City of Sydney staff because of their popularity with pedestrians.

As part of the trial, residents in this area will be asked for feedback on the newly installed lights. If successful, the lights will be rolled out across well-used pedestrian paths connecting Sydney's city villages and the city centre.

The City's major walking infrastructure projects include:

  • $50 million on improving the appearance and safety of Sydney streets by installing uniform granite paving and new LED smartpole lighting;
  • A $10 million wayfinding scheme that will connect the entire local government area with new street signs, maps and updated information technology;
  • $220 million towards the new pedestrian boulevard on George Street in the heart of the city; and
  • $1.4 million on new street furniture to create a more welcoming walking environment.

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