New look for Glebe Point Road

The City recently completed works to improve Glebe Point Road.

About 1,600 square metres of footpath have been replaced, three raingardens created, 960 square metres of hard surface replaced by grass and plants, 12 intersections improved and 10 bike parking facilities added, much to the satisfaction of nearby residents.

One resident said "The finished product is a joy to look at - both the street corner beds and the half-grass/half-sealed footpaths. Until I saw the grass laid, I had no idea how much pleasure the sight of this would give me; I've come out to look about 10 times since the job was completed yesterday!"





The City's work means Glebe Point Road is now greener, safer and more beautiful, with better pedestrian, bike and public transport access. New raingarden beds benefit the local area by filtering and cleaning stormwater of pollutants before passing it into waterways.

Main streets are one of most important parts of our city's villages. They are places for people to meet, shop, eat, work and relax. That's why the City has invested over $50 million to upgrade main streets such as Glebe Point Road, Harris Street, Oxford Street, Redfern Street, Cleveland Street, Stanley Street and many more.

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