New Mental Health Project to Get Underway

A project funded by my Lord Mayoral Trust designed to break down the stigma of mental illness and provide support for people with mental health in public housing begins next week.

Initiated by the Inner City Mental Health Recovery Working Group, the Inner City Cadre Project aims to unite the community and create safe spaces by providing volunteers with mental health issues, their carers and the community with face to face Recovery and Peer Support Training and follow up mentoring support, to help care for each other. Similar to Neighbourhood Watch, The Cadre Project has been used in Indonesia, which has no community mental health services, with great results.

The Inner City Mental Health Recovery Working Group has a focus on mental health issues in the inner city, specifically in social housing communities. Volunteers in Woolloomooloo, Millers Point, Glebe, Redfern and Waterloo will all receive training over the next few months.

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