New Years Eve 2013 - Lord Mayors Picnic

(7pm, Tuesday 31 December 2013, Royal Botanic Gardens)

Thank you, Captain Twinkle. Hello, everyone.

I hope you're all having a wonderful time here and are visiting all the tents to collect your gold star stickers. There is something special to do or see in every activity tent, so make sure you get to them all. I can see that a lot of you have already been to Stellar Style to have your faces painted.

Have you seen the special wind turbine built by our Charity Partner, Engineers without Borders? And don't forget to make a wish on your shiny silver energy star and take it to the large yellow star, right there in the centre of the site.

I'm sure you're all following the story of Captain Twinkle and Commander Glitz's Space Adventure and you'll be ready to farewell them when they blast off amid the fireworks display at nine o'clock.

I'm glad you could all be here tonight, and I hope you'll join me in thanks our volunteer Guides and Rovers, SES Officers, Variety, and the Kings Cross Bikers who are looking after security."

I also thank all our donors and partners who support this event, especially the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust.

I wish them, and all of you, and your families and friends, a very happy year in 2014.

Thank you.