Bold new climate targets

Despite the longest election campaign ever, there has been little said on climate change. That is a shocking omission. Climate change is the single greatest challenge we face and it’s starting to bite – the monster storm along the East Coast, the shocking new evidence of bleaching coral on the Great Barrier Reef, the fact that for 13 months straight we’ve set new global temperature records every month. At the City, we're doing everything we can to slow this dangerous warmi...

Success at the NSW Architecture Awards

I’m delighted to report that two of our recently transformed buildings have been recognised at the prestigious NSW Architecture Awards.

Statement on Martin Place Barriers

This morning, Police Minister Troy Grant criticised the City in the press for installing safety barriers in Martin Place. It is truly disappointing the Police Minister has politicised such an important issue of public safety, and accused the City of not consulting with police on the matter – that is patently false.  Please see below the City's response to the Minister, and click here to read email correspondence between City staff and NSW Police Counter Terrorism & Special Tactics Command that shows not only did we consult police on the matter, they advised the City not to install flower beds as planned, but rather stronger concrete barriers. Of course the City of Sydney takes advice from NSW Police and state emergency services on issues of public safety – including the installation of bollards and barricades to block vehicle access and strengthen security in public spaces. As part of our ongoing work to review and strengthen security in public spaces, the City has installed temporary barricades in Martin Place, between Phillip and Elizabeth Streets. This is not in response to any specific threat.  These barricades, and others being rolled out in the area, will be replaced with more permanent measures, such as bollards, garden beds or other landscaping features that both strengthen security and ensure our public spaces are attractive. We will continue to work with NSW Police on reviewing public places of mass gathering, on City of Sydney land, to determine where additional bollards or barricades are required. If the Minister believes the security measures are a bad idea, he should talk with his police force. The City would remove the barriers if Police advise us they are unnecessary.

Statement on the resignation of Councillor Phelps

Mid-way through this evening’s Council meeting – after we had discussed important items such as the new City campaign to fight WestConnex and our budget for the coming year – Councillor Kerryn Phelps resigned from our Independent team.

New Affordable Housing Initiatives

Although affordable housing is primarily the responsibility of state and federal governments, we’re using all the levers available under existing planning laws to deliver a steady stream of affordable homes. We need clear affordable housing strategies in place, at all levels of government, to increase the number of affordable rental housing places.

Councillor Miller's op-ed on WestConnex

Councillor Miller had an excellent opinion piece published in today's Daily Telegraph, countering some statements this week from Liberal Councillor Christine Forster. Councillor Forster thinks it's a waste that the City opposes WestConnex and penned an opinion piece under the title, "Clover Still Fighting a Losing Battle on WestConnex". Of course I'm still fighting. Read Councillor Miller's piece below for an idea why, then join us in the fight here:

Responding to the NSW State Budget

Another budget, another missed opportunity to deliver critical infrastructure for our global city. The Government has gone on a spending spree at the expense of city residents and businesses – they’ve collected billions from the inner city but failed to use it to fund the critical infrastructure we so desperately need.

A spectacular new skate park for the City

We’ve listened to calls from the city’s skateboarding community who’ve been asking for more skate facilities for some time – next week at Council we’ll consider a proposal for a fantastic skate plaza and flow bowl, suitable for skateboards, scooters and BMX bikes, in the beautiful Sydney Park.

A way forward for WestConnex

The Government promised to deliver a direct route to the Port and to reduce congestion. What they’re delivering is a road that dumps freight at St Peters seven kilometres away from Port Botany and makes tens of thousands of cars compete on already congested roads like the Anzac Bridge, the Western Distributor and within the CBD. Under this government WestConnex has become a road to gridlock. 

Disability inclusion plan

We are committed to an inclusive and accessible city for everyone, now and in the future – that commitment is embodied in “A City for All” our draft Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan.

New residents hop into Rosebery and Forest Lodge

Development of the inner city has resulted in a loss of habitat for native frogs, particularly the green and golden bell frog, which is one of our priority native species – but our plan to boost native animal numbers is beginning to increase frog numbers in the inner city.  

New Oxford St Creative Spaces

Sydney’s creative workers are a vital part of the city’s vibe and excitement – and also its economy – and we actively look for ways to foster them.

East Sydney Community and Arts Centre

We’ve transformed what was known as Heffron Hall into a beautiful community and arts centre, with multipurpose spaces for creative use and community hire as well as an interactive artwork called "S(W)ING" that can be moved around by kids young and old!

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