Next Steps in Greening Council Business

At last Monday's Council Committee meeting, Councillors discussed the outcomes of two green tenders - one to retrofit the City's public domain lighting network with energy efficient lights (LED), the other for further energy and water efficiency works in the City's own buildings.

These two tenders represent a milestone in our ambitious target of reducing the City's greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030.

Around 31 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by City operations are from public domain lighting, making it one of the most effective areas for the City to achieve reductions.

In March 2011, the City called for tenders to retrofit 8,559 of the City's public domain lights, with energy efficient LED lighting.

The responses we received showed that our desired environmental outcomes will not only be achieved using current technology but exceeded. However, the upfront costs were higher than expected.

To make sure we get the best value for rate-payers, staff recommended Councillors reject all tenders and negotiate on the price and other contractual matters. Councillors will make their final decision about this on Monday.

As part of the building energy and water retrofit tender, 45 of the City's major energy and/or water consuming buildings will have their energy use reduced by a minimum of 20 per cent, their water reduced by a minimum of 20 per cent and greenhouse gases emission reduced by at least 23 per cent.

Analysis undertaken by the City shows the most cost effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is through energy and water efficiency measures. The City has undertaken some retrofitting activities within our buildings but it has became clear that our targets will not be met without a single comprehensive program of works across the entire City property portfolio.

As part of the final contract, the contractor will need to ensure that any energy, water and greenhouse gas reductions are based on a national or international accredited or proven Measurement and Verification Plan - this will be backed up by a performance guarantee which will ensure that the agreed reductions are delivered.

Once endorsed by Council next Monday work retrofitting our buildings will begin in earnest.


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