We need bold action to stem the damage caused by the lockouts to our night-time economy – and that’s exactly what we’re calling for.

We want an end to the 1:30am lockouts for well-managed licensed premises, an increase in small bars patron capacity to 120 to make them viable, and reconsideration of the “last drinks” rule on a case by case basis.  

We’re encouraging the government to take up actions we proposed in OPEN Sydney, our late night economy plan developed in 2011, which includes a trial of late night public transport until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Detailed research

We adopted OPEN Sydney after a massive two-year program of consultation and detailed research.

We looked at the ways people move around the city, using heat mapping to identify hotspots, consulted with residents, venues, emergency services and others, and built a deep understanding of the way people use our city at night.

Practical action

Many actions from OPEN Sydney have now been incorporated into our routine work: we’ve led Sydney’s small bar revolution and introduced food trucks, upgraded taxi ranks and improved wayfinding, increased CCTV, developed (and are now implementing) a live music action plan, and funded late night ambassadors.

But the big changes to our night-time economy depend on the NSW government: running public transport 24-hours; replacing lifetime liquor licenses with renewable liquor licences, as in New York and Vancouver, that encourage better behaviour from venues; and new measures to manage venue growth and concentration, including the introduction of new “saturation zone” rules, that consider the number and type of licensed premises in a given area, along with relevant crime data and transport options.

Your vote is important

The Clover Moore Independent Team wants a safe, thriving and entertaining night time culture for Sydney.

It’s important that the Clover Moore Independent Team is returned on September 10 so we can continue lobbying for a more evidence based approach to late night policy and continue providing support for the city’s bands, DJs, artists and creative culture.

On September 10 make sure you vote 1 for Clover Moore and 1 for the Clover Moore Independent Team. 

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