Night Time Policy Sector Roundtable

(12pm 26 October 2011, Lord Mayor's Reception Room, Sydney Town Hall)

Hello, everyone, welcome to our Roundtable on the night-time economy. I'd like firstly to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, and to pay my respects to the Elders, both past and present.

I'd also like to welcome today's presenters: Suzie Matthews, our Manager, Late Night Economy who'll present our Discussion paper on future directions for Sydney at night; Terry Bevan of Trends Business Research and Alistair Turnham of Make & Associates, who'll be presenting our ground-breaking Cost Benefit Analysis of Sydney's night-time economy and Graham Iverson of Parsons Brinkerhoff who'll present the findings from our research into management of late-night areas.

Welcome also to Jo Kelly, who'll facilitate our discussion.

Our late-night economy is vital to Sydney's success, and it's a key attractor to domestic and international visitors.

Our discussion paper is designed to inform the development of a long-term policy which will guide the late-night economy over the next 20 years.

It's based on what people have told us they want, and on the research, and it provides a series of options for the future of Sydney at night.

The economy includes all activity from 6pm to 6am, and as the research shows, it's a significant part of the overall economy of our city. In fact, research shows that pedestrian volumes on some streets after 11pm equals that of the morning and evening peaks in Martin Place.

Those volumes must be properly managed; we need a greater diversity of choices to appeal to a broad cross-section of the community; we must deal with violent and anti-social behaviour, improve transport and the design and servicing of our public spaces.
Growth of the night-time economy must be properly managed; we can lessen the amount of red tape, improve partnerships and governance of the city at night.

Suzie Matthews will outline the 11 key directions the paper sets and detail our own research. Our aim is to ensure Sydney offers a world-class and - most importantly - a safe night-time economy which is open to all.

We realise we have a lot to do to achieve this goal and we welcome your thoughts and comments on this discussion paper.

Terry Bevan and Alistair Turnham are here with us from the UK to present findings from their groundbreaking research into the economic costs and values of our night-time economy.

This is the first time such research has been undertaken in Australia. We know it's a very significant part of our overall economy and if findings in Britain are any guide - perhaps even more significant than we have guessed.

There, in 2010, it was estimated to employ 1.3 million and to be worth 66 billion pounds a year - that it, is contributed six per cent of the turnover of the entire UK economy, and provided 10 per cent of all jobs.

It will be fascinating to hear the results of work.

And finally, Graham Iverson will present the results of our comprehensive research into what happens on our streets at night.

This looks at pedestrian volumes, congestion, migration, economic diversity and anti-social behaviour. It also looks at what are the attractors in certain areas, and at the patterns of transport use.
This was carried out in March and again in December of last year, on Friday and Saturday nights between 11pm and 5am across four different areas.

As you'll see, our pedestrian volumes are very large in some parts of the city, and Graham's research is essential to help us understand the infrastructure and services we'll need, now and in the future.

There is a wealth of useful and fascinating detail in these reports, and I'm sure they will stimulate your ideas which, as I said, we are anxious to hear.

So I'd now like to ask Suzie Matthews to tell us about possible future directions.