No More Domestic Waste to Landfill

Rather than contributing to landfill, all of the City's domestic waste could soon become either compost, recyclables for reprocessing, or possibly electricity.

Up until late 2009, all of the City's domestic waste was sent to landfill. Since then, over half has been processed at the Jacks Gully AWT (Alternative Waste Treatment). This is the maximum amount that facility can accept from the City.

In February 2011, SITA Environmental Solutions became the new owners of Jacks Gulley. SITA operate several facilities in the region, providing the capacity for all 40,000 tonnes of the City's domestic waste. The proposal to take up this opportunity will be considered by Council's Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee on Monday.

In 2003, the NSW State Government set a Resource Recovery Target for all Councils of 66 per cent diversion of waste from landfill by 2014. Similarly, the City's own Sustainable Sydney 2030 outlines our plans to treat waste as a valuable resource.

By diverting domestic waste from landfill and continuing our kerbside recycling program, the City of Sydney should achieve a resources recovery rate of up to 68 per cent. This will meet our targets and reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 6,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent.


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