Object Gallery opens on William Street

Our William Street Creative Hub now has a new tenant, with the Australian Design Centre and Object Gallery opening this week.

The Design Centre and gallery provide a new reason for people to explore William Street and Barnett Lane and the three shopfronts will enlarge its space but also expand its profile and public engagement. It will be a gallery, a creative workspace and a live workshop which will really make a mark on this street.

2015 is the 50th anniversary of Object Gallery, and thanks to the City's Accommodation Grants Program they will be able to keep promoting contemporary Australian craft and design.

In promoting and celebrating the work of Australian designers, this institution has played a seminal role in developing an authentic and flourishing design culture in this country - a design culture we can all be proud of.

You can see that culture in the current exhibition featuring the first 50 honorees of Object's Australian design Honours program - and I feel very honoured to be included among them in this inaugural program.

Since 2004, the City has made a strong commitment to architecture and design because they make such an important contribution to creating the sort of city people want to work in, live in and visit.

We have established a Design Advisory Panel made up of some of Sydney's best architects, landscape architects, designers and arts professionals, and it has played an important part in helping us achieve our goal.

The Panel has assessed and offered advice on more than 50 City of Sydney projects, and over 80 private sector developments.

We're seeing the results of our work in a slew of awards - and more importantly, we're seeing them on the streets of the city, in our parks and facilities in the way people can enjoy moving around the city, exploring and take pleasure in simply being in it.

We are also supporting artists with affordable work and exhibition spaces, we offer grants for cultural projects, we produce our own public art program and the annual Art + About festival, now expanded into a year-long program.

We also have a Public Art Advisory Panel and our Creative City Cultural Policy and Action Plan, our Public Art strategy and other programs are stimulating and supporting cultural life in Sydney - not just in galleries, stages and museums, but out on the streets, in the laneways and other unexpected places.

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