One Vote, One Value

Public Meeting, Saturday 6 September, Sydney Square from 11am

The NSW Government is considering a Bill by the Shooters and Fishers Party to manipulate city voting by giving businesses two votes and residents just one. It attacks one of the fundamental principles of our democracy - one vote, one value.

Businesses already have greater rights to vote in the City of Sydney than anywhere else in NSW.

Join us on Saturday 6 September at 11am in Sydney Square to send a strong message to the Government that our democracy is not for sale!

Independent election analyst Antony Green said this legislation is "inspired by malice, not public policy. Whoever's putting this up is trying to rort the result."

This public meeting is sponsored by the City of Sydney and includes a broad coalition of individuals and groups, including the Sydney City Councillors, Alex Greenwich Member for Sydney, the Labor Party, the Greens, Local Government NSW and many more people across NSW.

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