Our Submission to IPART

Yesterday we submitted our "Fit for the Future" proposal to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). IPART will now assess whether the City has the capacity to deliver services to the community in a sustainable and efficient way. We have demonstrated in this submission that we are indeed "Fit for the Future" and should not be amalgamated with our neighbouring councils.

Click to read the submission.

Click to read the submission.

You can read the submission here. An amalgamation at this time would seriously and negatively impact on the City's capacity to deliver during a period of significant development and urban renewal that relies on our expertise and financial investment. Here are four reasons why the City is "Fit for the Future":

1. We have scale and capacity

The City of Sydney is a leading council that delivers high quality services and infrastructure while keeping rates and charges low. It has exceptional demonstrated capacity and a proven ability to plan, fund and deliver world-class services and infrastructure that meet the economic, social, cultural and environmental needs of our city and its communities.

2. We are sustainable

The City of Sydney's demonstrated effective governance, strong finances and skilled personnel are critical for securing Sydney's continued transformation as a modern global city and to capitalise on unprecedented development investment potential over the next decade.

3. We are in a period of unprecedented investment

The local government area is expected to experience unprecedented development investment over the next decade, subject to the City of Sydney's continued efficient delivery of infrastructure and professional expert services, especially in planning and approvals.

4. Amalgamations are disruptive without demonstrated benefit

The financial benefit of an amalgamation is marginal compared to the risks of a loss of business and development confidence due to an uncertain investment climate and disruption to city operations and critical infrastructure projects.

This submission recommends:

  • The City of Sydney has scale and capacity to be Fit for the Future.
  • No major structural should change be undertaken to the City's boundaries at this time.
  • Priority action is needed to deliver important reforms to the NSW local government legislative and regulatory framework for governance, financing and collaboration/coordination.
  • To enable integrated strategic planning, local government areas excised and transferred to state agencies (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Barangaroo Delivery Authority and UrbanGrowth NSW) should be reintegrated into the City local government area.


The NSW Government wants to create a mega-council.

The NSW Government wants to create a mega-council.

IPART has also asked the public to comment on their council's submission. If you don't want the City of Sydney to be swallowed up by a mega council, make sure you make a submission to IPART by 31 July using one of the three options below. Your submission can be as long or short and as formal or informal as you like.

  1. Use IPART's web form
  2. Email IPART at localgovernment@ipart.nsw.gov.au
  3. Make your submission in writing. Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Local Government Division Review of Local Council Fit for the Future Proposals PO Box K35 Haymarket Post Shop NSW 1240

If you choose to email or write to IPART, let them know if you wish for your name or entire submission to remain anonymous. IPART will publish submissions with names unless otherwise directed.

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