Oxford Street creative spaces update

Our Oxford Street creative spaces project is having a strong positive impact, according to the latest quarterly survey.

New creative enterprises, artist cooperatives and cultural groups have set up retail, office and workspaces in four retail and 14 office spaces in our properties on the strip.

The December quarter results show:

  • Visitors to the retail shops increasing by more than 30% since the previous survey
  • Creative tenants spending more than $12,000 per week on local goods and services, an increase of 5% on the previous quarter
  • An overall increase in spending by creative tenants of 34% since the first survey after the project began in late 2011
  • Creative retail customers increasing from 7,500 visitors to 9,800, in part due to pre-Christmas shopping
  • Around 1,000 people visited the creative office and workspaces.

The three creative enterprises occupying retail spaces, He Made She Made, Platform 72 and Oxford Street Design Store, showcased 131 artists and other creative people.

The various creative enterprises continue to collaborate with each other and share office and workspace with artists and other creative workers.

For example, Fortynine Studio, a multi-disciplinary collaborative design studio and Province, which specialises in art direction, graphic design, photography and illustration, produced work for sale at He Made She Made's Random Christmas Market. Other tenants are sharing skills and working together to develop projects.

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