Oxford Street fence foiled

Roads Minister Duncan Gay announced today that a Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) proposal to erect a fence down the middle of Oxford Street has been 'delayed'.

The Minister has listened to our community's concern and made the right decision. A fence along Oxford Street would not improve safety and it would hurt local businesses.


I share the concerns of Sydney MP Alex Greenwich, Woollahra Mayor Andrew Petrie and local business groups including the Paddington Pubs Precinct that the RMS proposal was inappropriate.

Poor transport decisions of the past including peak-hour clearways have made Oxford Street a less safe and less inviting destination. I have written to the Minister and the City of Sydney will continue to lobby the RMS about our suggestions to improving safety on Oxford Street.

The City has been working with local business owners to help draw visitors back to the neighbourhood. We have halved the cost of outdoor dining permits and restoration of the Paddington Town Hall will also soon be completed.

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