We’re looking for creative and community-minded people to take over two floors of Paddington Town Hall for 15 months – any idea how we should use the space?

The space, located at 247 Oxford Street, Paddington, was previously occupied by Metro Screen and includes a green screen studio with an upper-floor editing suite, several office spaces, meeting rooms and classrooms. 

We open up City-owned properties to give community groups and creative organisations the space they need (and sometimes couldn’t otherwise afford) to work on projects that improve our city. Our accommodation grants program currently supports 67 organisations across 44 City sites, including artist cooperatives, community services, education programs and childcare services.

It’s just part of the work we do to build a city that is recognised internationally for its cultural life, just as it is already recognised for its natural beauty. We are employing all of the tools at our disposal – from planning and regulation, to grants and sponsorships, to making use of properties like Paddington Town Hall – to foster a genuinely creative city culture.

This is a great opportunity for enthusiastic and creative minds to contribute to the local community through creative initiatives that encourage community development.

If you’d like to use the space or learn more, click here: http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/community/grants-and-sponsorships/community-grants/accommodation-grants

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