Pets & Animals

Whether its native wildlife of pets, animals are a vital part of our community. I have always been a strong advocate for the rights of animals to live a cruelty-free life.

In the NSW Parliament I led efforts to end the practice of puppy farming and pushing for greater rights for rental tenants with pets.

I have encouraged the creation of off-leash parks for dogs across the City of Sydney. The City also offers free dog obedience training courses, and free pet de-sexing for older residents.

The City's Urban Ecology Strategic Action Plan sets out practical steps you could take to maintain biodiversity in the inner city. We have already planted more than 8,000 new trees to increase habitat.

Our extensive urban ecology survey last year found bandicoots, falcons, red bellied black snakes and endangered frogs living in the inner city. There are dozens of ways to create suitable habitats to support our wildlife. Conserving even the smallest green space can help save our local wildlife populations from extinction.

The plan identifies 63 native birds, eight mammals, 11 reptiles and five frog species living in the City of Sydney. Among them, the green and golden bell frog, the powerful owl, the grey-headed flying fox and the long-nosed bandicoot are threatened species that still call Sydney home.

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