Pig dogging must be banned

The gruesome pig dogging footage of wild pigs being mauled by dogs and then knifed by hunters on ABC 7.30 last night has sparked community outrage.

The pigs suffer a long, terrifying and agonising death. There are reports of hunters watching as dogs gauge pigs and pigs are often stabbed repeatedly before they die.

Laws that require pigs in abattoirs to be stunned before slaughter, and that make it an offence to pit an animal against another, don't apply in this sadistic blood sport.

Dogs also get hurt. Some get ripped apart by scared pigs and others escape to forests where they become feral. Because this is a sport, some hunters release pigs in to the wild to ensure continued prey. Pig dogging has no conservation merit.

Pig dogging is legal in State forests and the State Government-funded Game Council runs pig dogging workshops.

I've asked questions in Parliament and am sponsoring an Animal Liberation petition calling for a ban on pig dogging. I encourage you to collect signatures.

I have long been the lone voice for animals in the Legislative Assembly and I encourage those not in the Sydney Electorate to contact their local MP and the Premier and call for an end to pig dogging as nothing will change without the support of other politicians.


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