Plan to Create CBD Council

For over a century, successive state governments have sought to ensure the City of Sydney Council has had a complementary political makeup. To make the City winnable they have changed its boundaries, sacked the Council and altered electoral franchise.

In 1988, the Greiner Liberal Government introduced the City of Sydney Act, which significantly contracted the City - suiting the Liberals.

In 2004, the Labor Government merged the City and South Sydney City Councils - suiting the ALP.

Today's Daily Telegraph trumpets an idea Liberal Councillor Christine Forster submitted to IPART as part of the "Fit for the Future" process - a City Council to cover the CBD exclusively.

Separating the CBD and the City's residential areas is a self-interested attempt to gerrymander the City's boundaries for the Liberal Party's electoral advantage.New Map

Councillor Forster developed and submitted the plan without any input from the community she currently claims to represent, since it flies in the face of what we have been told. Extensive independent surveys have found 82% of residents and 72% of businesses want the borders to remain the same - Councillor Forster is effectively tells non-CBD residents she doesn't want to represent them.

The proposal takes us back to the 1980s when the City was last carved up to create a Council designed to be won by the Government of the day.

This move would put hundreds of millions of dollars of private investment and the City's own projects at risk, and impact negatively on Sydney's future prosperity and the NSW state economy.

The City's programs and investments - including $440 million in creating community facilities at Green Square, Australia's largest urban renewal site - are essential to our state's future and would be at risk with disruptive change.

Write to the Local Government Minister to let him know a CBD-only Council is misguided.

Paul Toole MP
Minister for Local Government
Phone: 02 8574 7000
Twitter: @PaulTooleMP

If you're interested, you can read more about the City's history of reworking t history here.

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