Planning & Design

Encouraging design excellence and ensuring thoughtful planning are essential to the success of our city.

Providing new homes and space for jobs in urban renewal sites is the best way for us to meet NSW Government targets for growing employment and residents while protecting our city's heritage.

Our work in areas like Green Square and Ashmore will ensure that high-quality design for new homes is coupled with the community facilities a neighbourhood needs.

Through our own projects, the City of Sydney is showcasing the benefits of great design. Our projects have won more than 40 national and international design awards since 2004.

From Prince Alfred Park Pool, to Waterloo Youth Centre, Paddington Reservoir Gardens and Surry Hills Library - the City has built community facilities that combine excellent services with functional, sustainable and beautiful design.

We have also worked with architects and developers to get the best outcomes for major commercial and residential projects.

Developments like Harold Park and Central Park show how well designed, high-density living can positively contribute to a local area. While commercial developments like Liberty Place, 8 Chifley and 1 Blight Street prove that strong sustainability credentials and great design can benefit everyone.

I have always stood up for the community's right to a strong say in the deciding what development is right for their neighbourhood. I will continue to fight to protect this right.

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