Please Rally Against Puppy Farms

Despite Australians being animal lovers, our laws permit immense animal suffering for profit.

Pets can be bought on impulse like handbags and shoes, without owners fully understanding or accepting the costs and responsibilities of pet ownership. Pets are often discarded when owners discover what is involved. Sadly not enough homes adopt abandoned pets and in Australia one dog gets put down every four minutes.

Some dogs are bred in factory facilities to supply cheap puppies for pet shops and classifieds. Bitches are bred continuously in filthy and confined conditions without opportunity to socialise. They develop conditions like osteoporosis and urinary tract infections.

This is an indictment on our society - a humane civilised society would act to stop this.

My Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill to ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops and limit classified sales to responsible breeders and rescuers would have closed the main outlet for puppy farms but the major parties opposed it. I am now proposing a Parliamentary companion animal welfare inquiry.

This Sunday people will rally against puppy farming at Belmore Park at 12 noon and I encourage you to please join us to take action against this cruel practice.


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