Adopting our Sector Sustainability Plans

Council adopted two new sector sustainability plans as part of our ongoing work with business to reduce carbon emissions, water use and waste generation in our city. 

The two plans target the accommodation and entertainment industry as well as ‘mid tier’ office buildings – building on the success of our flagship sustainability programs CitySwitch and Better Buildings Partnership. The plans outline the most effective ways these sectors can reduce their environmental impact.

We’ve already announced the Sustainable Destination Partnership, a key action in one of the plans working with over 30 accommodation and entertainment organisations to reduce emissions, waste and water use. This partnership is particularly important given that 47 per cent of commercial waste is produced by the tourism industry and only half is currently recycled.

In Sydney’s Sustainable Office Building Plan we’re reaching out to the smaller office buildings and owners who are harder to engage with – allowing them to introduce energy efficiency measures which will reduce carbon emissions, as well as energy bills.

These plans will help us to reach our ambitious target to reduce carbon emissions by 70 per cent by 2030.

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