New models for creating more affordable housing

Councillor Jess Scully yesterday attended the launch of Holdsworth Community HomeShare – a new affordable housing program that pairs older people with younger people to create a better social and financial situation for both.

This innovative program aims to address social isolation faced by many senior citizens – providing the companionship of a younger person in return for affordable accommodation close to work or study.

This type of housing has worked overseas and we are proud to support this pilot program in Sydney through a Community Services Grant. Affordable housing is at crisis point in our city and I look forward to hearing more about this program as it develops.

You can find out more information on how to apply for HomeShare by calling 02 9302 3600. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Image: Staff and participants of the HomeShare program, Wendy Francis, Yve Lavine, Joan Mason, Ruth Kestermann, Carolyn Lancaster with Clr Jess Scully.