Taking practical and compassionate action on drugs

On Monday night, Council unanimously endorsed my Lord Mayoral Minute calling for a drug summit and supporting a pill testing demonstration.

In the past five months, five people have died after taking illicit drugs at music festivals. The simplistic message of ‘don’t take drugs’ is ineffective, and has the opposite impact when delivered by those who lack expertise or credibility.

It’s been 20 years since the drug summit I attended as Member for Bligh that resulted in lifesaving initiatives such as the supervised injecting centre.

Once again, it’s time for urgent, practical and compassionate action to save young people’s lives. That’s why Council has unanimously thrown its support behind a pill testing demonstration to dispel the myths and uncertainty around the process.

I would like to thank Matt Noffs and Shelley Smith from the Take Control Campaign, Kyle Cox and Emma Maiden from the Uniting Care’s Fair Treatment Campaign, and Dr Jonathan Brett for joining me in Council to show their support.

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