Environment and Climate Change

This year, all of NSW was declared to be in drought and the IPCC found that the earth has already warmed by one degree. To limit the increase to 1.5 degrees requires urgent action.

The lack of leadership from our Federal and State Governments is shameful. That’s why ­we’ve joined other C40 Cities, residents and businesses to take action – and it’s having impact.

Major property companies in Sydney have reduced their emissions by 52 per cent through our Better Buildings Partnership, bringing them over halfway to their 2030 target of 70 per cent, and saving $33 million a year on power costs.

We’ve launched the NABERS apartment building rating tool, and up to 100 buildings will receive ratings in its first year thanks to the work of our Smart Green Apartments program.

We opened our new Alexandra Canal Depot. 1600 solar panels and an industrial Tesla battery now generate and store enough energy to power 50 homes.

Our new operating budget of $4.6 million will fund a suite of programs to 2022, encouraging more solar and exploring opportunities for large-scale renewables.

This ambitious program is not just for city residents today, but for future generations who will live with the consequences of our decisions.