Sydney is open again

This week, the lockout laws in the city centre and on Oxford Street were lifted – a move that will breathe oxygen into Sydney’s cultural life and night-time economy.

The lockout laws were an overreaction, when what we needed was 24-hour public transport, a much stronger licensing system that supported well-managed venues and penalised the rogue ones, and to spread out venues across the city instead of concentrating them in areas like Kings Cross.

Last year, we made massive changes to our planning rules to allow city centre businesses, shops and restaurants to trade late into the night and to incentivise venues to put on live music and performance. We are also working with local business leaders in Kings Cross, and the NSW Government, on a pathway for the precinct to be free from lockouts.

Because we anticipate more people will be out after dark in the city centre and Oxford Street, we are calling the NSW Government to extend the operating hours of the light rail on weekends to ensure people can get in and out of the city at night. You can read more about our work on Sydney’s nightlife here.