Have your say on the Moore Park knockdown rebuild stadium proposal

A NSW Upper House Inquiry into the Government’s decision to spend billions of dollars on stadiums is underway and the Committee is asking the public for comment.

Make sure you let the NSW Parliament know that you strongly oppose this proposal and that the community is appalled by the misplaced priorities, the shocking waste of public funding and the secrecy surrounding the process.

There are many concerns to focus on in your submission but some of the most important are:

  • The choice of location: why is the Government creating a major sports and entertainment facility on the edge of a congested city & eastern suburbs with inadequate public transport, when the larger population and demand for such facilities is in Western Sydney?
  • Misleading proposal: this rebuild is not just about sports – it’s about creating a multi-complex entertainment precinct. Again, why is this not located in the centre of population in Western Sydney, where there is a much greater demand and significantly fewer facilities?
  • Rushed planning process: Infrastructure NSW has given a timeframe of six months to assess the project. This is an unusually fast determination for a project of this size and complexity. The Government appears to be fast tracking an approval so demolition of the current stadium can occur before the next election.

 Other points to consider are:

  • The Government’s failure to engage in any meaningful community consultation
  • The Government’s unwillingness to release the strategic business case to justify the proposal
  • A benefit-cost ratio of less than one – meaning the project will cost far more then it benefits
  • Disruption to the surrounding residential (conservation) areas and parklands from demolition, construction and operations, which will not only include sporting events but large music concerts.
  • Ongoing loss of trees to facilitate an expanded footprint of the new stadium.
  • Increased traffic congestion – the combination of the sporting stadia and the widened road to accommodate the Alexandria to Moore Park Connector from St Peters Interchange to Anzac Parade is a recipe for further gridlock.
  • The failure of the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust to maintain the stadium which has led to the current safety and security problems.
  • Ongoing use of the Moore Parklands for spectator parking – all parking should be taken off the grass and be restricted to the new facility, under built-on areas (noting that light rail which will act as a new mode of transport for people coming to the stadium).
  • Need to preserve the former Sydney Showground for much-needed community/amateur sports use (both indoor and outdoor). It is now under threat of privatisation for use as corporate headquarters for the major sporting codes.

To make a submission, you can follow the steps on this link: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/committees/inquiries/