Potts Point Galleries Opening

(6.30pm, Thursday 16 October 2014, 67 Macleay Street)

Thank you, Paul, [Baker]. Hello, everyone.

What a great addition to Potts Point this is!

Of course last weekend's Festival put on by the Potts Point Partnership, with the City's support, focused on the diverse, creative life of this great area.

Tonight's celebration, another creative addition - Paul Baker was behind Woollahra Galleries and the Coogee Palace and he found this new site within a month of the closure of the Sydney Antique Centre on June 30.

He's gathered 15 of what's been described as Sydney's "antique elite" - perhaps that would be better phrased as "elites of the world of antiques" - to showcase their wares here.

It's a treasure house of ceramics and porcelain; oriental antiquities; jewellery and maps; vintage accessories and garments; art deco and even vintage telephones. And that's only a sample.

Many of the 15 were among his dealers in Woollahra, so it's something of a homecoming for them.

Potts Point Galleries is very welcome and I'm sure it will become another important destination, for locals and for visitors.

So congratulations, Paul, and to all your colleagues in this enterprise.