Preparing Sydney for Electric Cars

Electric vehicles create less pollution, noise and, when powered by low carbon energy, greenhouse gas emissions.

The price of electric cars is decreasing with increased production, including the start of manufacturing in Australia, however uptake could be stalled by the lack of charging stations.

In Parliament I asked the Minister for Transport if the new Roads and Maritime Services agency could urgently issue a technical direction to reserve on-street parking bays for recharging stations, as requested by the Office of Environment and Heritage, Google, the City, NRMA and major property developers.

The Minister said a working party will look at the issue and is aiming to release technical guidelines for councils.

Last year the City of Sydney installed an on-street electric charging station in Derby Place, Glebe run by 100 per cent Green Power, and has funding allocated for an additional 10 charging stations to be installed at the City's parking stations and car parks this financial year.

We are also trialling two Mitsubishi iMiEV electric cars in our vehicle fleet and looking at sourcing other models for comparison, when they become available in Australia.

Given the important role electric vehicles will play in the future, it is essential that New South Wales prepares for this emerging technology


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