Price on Carbon and a Business Boycott?

I personally support the price on carbon and believe it's vital all levels of government act now to reduce the impact of climate change our children and grandchildren will experience.

The City is committed to establishing a system of trigeneration precincts in Sydney - trigeneration is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to coal based energy. A carbon price makes trigeneration even more economically attractive.

All that said however, I do not believe that as a global city it is responsible for us to boycott law abiding businesses just because they don't agree with plans to put a price on carbon.

At this early stage in the debate there is a lot of misinformation and people are still making up their minds. We live in a democracy and people are entitled to their opinions and to change their minds if they wish.

What some businesses think about the plan is irrelevant. It is critical that the City is able to deal with a multitude of businesses on a daily basis on a range of matters for the benefit of our ratepayers.

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