Project HoPE Launch

I'm pleased to welcome the launch of Project HoPe - a wonderful project to help care for the pets of homeless people in our City.

For many of our homeless, their pet is their companion, their friend, their solace and support. The bond they have with their pets is the strongest tie that many have, and it is precious for their physical and mental well-being.

But of course, very few are able to have their pets vaccinated against the common but sometimes deadly diseases that can harm them.

This program will give them that vaccination, and hopefully provide some food, as well. It will go out to the streets and the shelters and continue throughout the year.

It's an important initiative, and I congratulate Rabbi Kastel, CEO of Jewish House, and his wonderful vet, Dr Sam Kovac, for their compassion, and their work.

I'm pleased we can launch it here at Town Hall to coincide with the first day of Homeless Persons Week. I hope everyone will get behind it.

Thank you.