Projecting strong aboriginal women

On Tuesday night I joined artist Nicole Foreshew and curator Hettie Perkins to unveil the next step in the City's Eora Journey project.

Nicole's born in darkness before dawn is a series of images projected onto the Australia Museum's 20 metre façade facing William Street.

Nicole described her work as being full of images of 'deadly' women, and I have to agree. Having so many female members of her family present at the launch was a testament to how important family and history is to Nicole.

The projections are the second in a series of seven artworks which form part of the Eora Journey, and aim to reactivate the 'memory' of specific places and events in recent Aboriginal history at key sites within the city centre.

The work explores the concept of place, tracing personal histories and connections to communities and features women draped in cloth imbued with traces of mineral and plant specimens.

The projections will continue nightly between 8pm and 11pm until Thursday 20 February 2014.

The Eora Journey or "the people's journey", a major Sustainable Sydney 2030 cultural project, celebrates the living culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Sydney.

The Eora Journey will ultimately encompass major art projects including Yininmadyemi - Thou didst let fall, the working title of the artwork which will honour war service of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women.

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