Promoting Road Safety

I'm very concerned about the number of people who have been killed or injured on our roads. That's why the City has launched a new road safety campaign to highlight the number of accidents occurring in the city's most dangerous areas.

The "Watch Out Cars About" and "Watch Out Pedestrians About" campaigns will see maps of accident hotspots and the number of pedestrians killed or injured shown around major train stations on billboards at Town Hall, Central and Wynyard. The images will also be on the back of buses.

The more we're all aware of our most dangerous traffic areas, the more we can be mindful and exercise greater caution.

Roads and Maritime Services statistics released late last year show the number of accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles in the city has fallen by 12.4 per cent since 2009. This is fantastic news but while accident rates are falling, the City is continuing to work with RMS to make Sydney's streets as safe as possible for everyone.

Further efforts include count-down timers at pedestrian lights and a new 40km/h speed limit in the CBD. Drivers should keep a low, even speed when driving in the city rather than stopping and starting quickly. Not only is this better for safety, it makes driving around town less stressful.

Keep an eye out for the new billboards and whether you're driving, cycling or walking in our city, please be aware of your surrounds and stay safe.

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