Public transport at Green Square

Green Square is an $8 billion urban renewal in the heart of Australia's biggest city, halfway between the CBD of the global city and Australia's busiest airport. But the State Government must urgently provide more public transport.

It will provide housing for 54,000 new residents and around 20,000 jobs. The City of Sydney is investing $440 million over the next ten years to the facilities a growing community needs, like a state-of-the-art library, a new aquatic centre, a child care centre, and new parks, streets and playgrounds.

A major increase in public transport is essential for residents of Green Square as it continues to expand. Public transport is a responsibility of the NSW Government, and it urgently needs to include Green Square in the light rail network.

The City has already invested more than $40m to secure land, and we are designing major new streets to be ready for light rail. Green Square West has a heavy rail station, but the concentration of development is in the north and east parts of Green Square, an area that is a 20 minute walk from the station. Residents rely on overcrowded buses, which will not accommodate future demand.

The City is constructing cycleways to the Green Square area, with a cycleway linking Green Square West to the city centre completed earlier this year. Located around four kilometres from the city centre, Green Square is well-suited for cycling trips to and from the central Sydney and neighbouring villages.

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