This Sunday I will launch the upgraded green space at Quarry Green in Ultimo. We’ll have entertainment and refreshments and I’d love for you to join us in enjoying this beautifully revitalised park.

We will also be hosting the Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, and together at 11am we’ll plant a tree to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our Sister City relationship.

We’ve added grassed areas, new trees and garden beds to breathe new life into the park. There are new seats, picnic tables, lights, water bubblers, bike racks, wider paths and a community notice board to support the different ways our community uses the park.

We’ve also created a shared zone for pedestrians and vehicles at the crossing of Bulwara Road, for a safer walking route with easier park access.

This area was officially opened as a park in 1983 but it had for generations been a social hub for the neighbourhood.

The City is always trying to add to open green space and while it’s sometimes difficult in the tightly-settled inner core, we’ve managed to add a little more with the make-over to Quarry Green – and that’s what we’re celebrating on Sunday.

When: Saturday 14 May 2016 from 11am to 1pm
Where: Quarry Green (Corner Quarry Street and Bulwara Road, Ultimo)

For more details about the Quarry Green launch. 

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