Rally Against Live Exports

Despite laws that require cattle and sheep to be stunned before they are slaughtered in Australia, we send around 4.5 million cattle and sheep every year to countries that treat animals in ways that are illegal in Australia and would shock and appal most people - as they did in the recent Four Corners exposé.

I encourage you to hear Lyn White, the investigator who captured the graphic footage of the abuse of Australian cattle in Indonesia, who will speak at a Ban Live Exports rally at the City Recital Hall this Sunday. The rally is one of several being held in capital cities across Australia calling an end to this cruel trade.

I have long campaigned to prevent tens of thousands of animals dying every year from harrowing journeys where they are crammed on boats, suffer heat stress and diseases such as scabby mouth, pink eye and salmonellosis, and are fed pellets they are not used to eating.

We can't control animal welfare practices in other countries. It's not enough that changes will be made for Australian cattle going to Indonesia - the only way to protect our animals from brutal treatment is to replace live exports with domestic meat processing exports. Australian meat processing would mean humane treatment and humane slaughter for Australian sheep and cattle while value adding to the economy.

A humane and just society has respect for all live sentient beings and does not condone cruelty for profit. A humane society acts to prevent cruelty.


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