Ranamok Glass Prize Farewell

(7.15pm, Tuesday 14 October 2014, Angel Place)

Thank you, Andy, [Plummer, MC] and welcome everyone to this final Ranamok Glass Prize.

Congratulations to all the finalists in this year's prize - your work demonstrates everything that has been inspiring about this wonderful award over the last twenty years.

Ranamok and the City of Sydney have had a long and fruitful relationship - in fact, thirteen years ago, the Ranamok Glass prize became the first ever associated event of our Art & About Festival.

It's been a much-loved fixture of the Festival since, celebrating the imagination and skill of Australia and New Zealand's contemporary glass artists.

This year's Art & About is focused on "the endangered" - things we have lost, or are in danger of losing - whether it's the once-ubiquitous milk bar, the postcard sent from holidays, or the simple privilege of being out-of-contact, rather than tethered at the end of a mobile phone.

It's an appropriate theme for the year in which we bid farewell to Ranamok.

I would like to particularly acknowledge Deirdre Plummer, the Ranamok administrator who established this relationship with the City; as well as the co-founders of this prize, Andy Plummer and Maureen Cahill.

Since its inception in 1994, Ranamok has been a major promoter of contemporary glass, raising nearly $3 million to tour, promote and exhibit over 600 works from Australian and New Zealand glass artists.

Thousands of people have been exposed to Ranamok finalists through its association with Art & About, its annual touring schedule, and the production of its catalogue and website.

It's an extraordinary achievement, and I congratulate everyone involved with the Prize over the years.

The work you have done has played an important part in nurturing and promoting creativity in our City. You will be sorely missed.

But tonight is not just about farewells, it's about celebrating this year's finalists and winners.

Once again, congratulations. I hope you enjoy the evening.

Thank you.